Auxiliary PatrolIMG_0174.JPG Service
Position Summary:
The Auxiliary Patrol Service patrols municipal parks from May until October as well as assists with special events.  A minimum commitment of twenty-four (24) hours per month is required for parks patrol as well as ten (10) special events annually.  Applicants must meet the minimum requirements and specifications as stated below.
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Position Duties & Restrictions:
  • Auxiliary Patrol members shall be accompanied or supervised by a Windsor police officer while carrying out the duties of a police officer during special circumstances, including an emergency that the members of the Service are not sufficiently numerous to deal with.
  •  The Auxiliary Patrol may patrol municipal parks that are open to the public without the supervision or accompaniment of a Windsor police officer for the purpose of reporting activities requiring police intervention or to assist the public in contacting the Service.
  • Auxiliary Patrol members shall maintain a high standard of deportment, discipline, and decorum.
  • Auxiliary Patrol members shall not:
a)      act in the capacity of a police officer, unless authorized by the Chief of Police;
b)      operate any marked police vehicle, except as authorized by the Chief of Police, in accordance with the Police  Services Act or in accordance with s.B(3) above;
c)      carry any weapons, except as authorized by the Chief of Police in accordance with the Police Services Act;
d)     act in the capacity of a bylaw enforcement officer while in uniform or carrying out the duties of an auxiliary member;
e)      participate in any R.I.D.E. programs;
f)       be deployed to patrol in any park that is closed to the public;
g)      conduct any C.P.I.C. inquiries.

The above job description outlines the basic principal functions of the Auxiliary Patrol officer however is not considered a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in certain jobs.
Qualifications/Minimum Requirements:
  • is at least 18 years of age;
  •  is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • has successfully completed four years of secondary school education or equivalent;
  • must possess a valid class “G” Ontario Driver’s Licence with full driving privileges;
  • must possess valid First Aid and CPR certificates at time of application;
  •  must provide three acceptable references attesting to the candidate’s good character;
  • satisfactorily complete an oral interview;
  •  consents to a background investigation, the results of which are satisfactory to the Service;
  •  is physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the position and satisfactorily completes a physical examination by a medical practitioner;
  •  possesses an acceptable work record;
  • agrees to be bound by Oaths of Office & Secrecy;
  • successfully completes all Auxiliary Patrol recruit training.