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E911 Communicators
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Communicators are responsible for receiving and dispatching emergency and follow-up calls for service to police field units, complaint taking, and re-directing 911 emergency calls as required.
Position Duties:
  •  Remain current and comply with all Service directives, memorandums, policies and procedures;
  • Be familiar with the Windsor Police Service Business Plan and the stated objectives of the Windsor Police Service;
  • Dispatch and co-ordinate police field units;
  •  Telephone complaint taking, includes answering 911 emergency calls and transferring calls if necessary;
  • Receive and transmit information to/from public or police;
  •  Monitor up to six radio channels for transmissions;
  • Run CPIC checks on persons and vehicles, and provide relief to CPIC as required;
  • Attend court and give evidence when required.
  • Must possess a grade 12-graduation diploma or equivalent as recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education;
  • Must have a typing speed of 40 words per minute;
  • A passing grade of 70% in “CritiCall” testing is required to proceed in the recruitment process;
  • Must be able to demonstrate a high level of interpersonal and communication skills;
  •  Minimum of 6 months work experience to develop skills required to work in a team environment;
  • Must become proficient in the 10-Code and phonetic alphabet;
  • A psychological test is required.
Physical Requirements:
  •  High level of coordination is required for visual and audio attention to multiple computers and use of mouse and foot pedals;
  • Sustained periods of sitting throughout a shift where relief from attachment to work station is not always readily available;
  •  Position duties are generally limited to own work station;
  • Monitors multiple screens for entire shift while dispatching;
  • Careful listening when call taking and for routine radio transmissions.