Destruction of Fingerprint

Destruction of Fingerprint & Photograph Records

Police Agencies are under no legal obligation to destroy fingerprint and photograph records, commonly referred to as Identification records, even when a charge results in a non-conviction. However, the Windsor Police Service has a policy which allows for the destruction of Identification records in relation to non-convictions, if it is the first time an individual has been fingerprinted and photographed, AND has no previous charges or convictions on file.

Some offences do not qualify, such as; sex offences, murder, attempt murder abduction, to name a few. Please be aware that the destruction does not include copies of the police occurrence reports.

If eligible, you qualify for this process one time only. Should you be charged again for a subsequent offence and you are fingerprinted and photographed, you will not be eligible to have your Identification records destroyed again.

If you believe you qualify, please do the following:

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  1. Submit a signed letter, or the Request for Destruction of Fingerprint and Photograph Records application form, addressed to the Chief of Police, requesting consideration be given for the destruction of your photograph and fingerprint records.
  2. To the best of your recollection, provide the charge, final court date, and disposition.
  3. Print your full name, date of birth, mailing address, telephone number.
  4. Forward your request and the required information to: Chief of Police, PO Box 60, Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6J5.

You will receive a notification letter, indicating whether or not you qualify for destruction of your Identification records.

Requests that qualify are subject to a $75.00 processing fee, inclusive of HST. Please return a copy of our notification letter, along with a certified cheque or Money Order, payable to the City of Windsor.

Once the process has been completed, a letter will be sent to you confirming destruction has taken place. Please note that this process can take 9 months or longer to complete, as we must correspond with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is the central repository for criminal records in Canada, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, if applicable.

If you have any further questions, please contact: Director of Information Services 519 255-6700 ext. 4109