Noise Complaints

Noise Complaints (By-la​​w 6716):

  • Please keep noise levels down to ensure a happy, vibrant neighbourhood​

  • If you are subjected to excessive noise, you can now report a complaint in your neighbourhood online.​​

  • "Noise" is defined as unwanted sound and is prohibited in residential areas at all times.

Noise Complaint Image

Please note that this option is for reporting purposes only and a police officer will not be attending your location at this time. Your report will be forwarded to the City of Windsor By-Law Enforcement for review and follow-up as deemed appropriate. Once your report is complete you will receive a copy of it via e-mail for your records.

If the noise is caused by a live loud party, a family/domestic related dispute, or yelling please report it to police immediately at 519-258-6111. 

If the noise is believed to be linked to suspected violence please call 9-1-1