Traffic Complaints

Road Watch and Traffic Complaints

Road Watch
Have you witnessed someone breaking the law on the roads? Were they speeding, making unsafe lane changes, running red lights or stop signs? The safety of our roadways is everyone's responsibility, so we encourage anyone who identifies problematic traffic issues or behaviours to submit a report.

Road Watch is a community-driven program that gives you the opportunity to report dangerous and aggressive drivers to the Windsor Police Service.

You should file a Road Watch complaint online if you:

  • Can identify the licence plate of the aggressive driver.
  • Can identify a specific offence committed by the aggressive driver.
  • The incident occurred within the City of Windsor or Town of Amherstburg limits.

You should not file a Road Watch complaint if:
  • You see an impaired driver, street racing, or other behaviour that is an immediate danger to public safety. This is an emergency, or crime in progress, and you should call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • The traffic incident resulted in a motor vehicle collision.
  • You wish to pursue charges against another driver.
  • The incident occurred outside the jurisdiction of the Windor Police Service.

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If you would prefer to fill out a document and mail it to us print out a Road Watch Report form.

Traffic Complaints

A Traffic Complaint is a report of a traffic issue in a specific area you wish to notify police about (i.e. drivers constantly running a 4-way stop). Filing a Traffic Complaint assists police in identifying problem areas so that our officers can respond with the appropriate action.

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Please Note:
Filing a false police report is a crime.
You may be contacted by e-mail or telephone if further information is required.