Emergency 911 Centre

 Emergency 911Dispatch Center Workstation

The Windsor Police Service Emergency 911 Centre is responsible for the dispatch of police officers for the entire Windsor and Amherstburg area.  This area now includes areas of Windsor previously patrolled by O.P.P. and Lasalle Police Service. 

In 2003, the city’s original boundaries were changed and Windsor annexed 6,400 acres of property from the Town of Tecumseh.

The Windsor Police Service E-911 Centre handles all incoming 911 calls for service. Calls for EMS and Fire are routed through the E911 Centre to the respective agencies.  E-911 communicators monitor these calls and dispatch police when required. 

 In 2011, police emergency calls for service totaled 7,008.  Annually, the centre handled over 77,000 calls.

 The E-911 communicators monitor several radio channels, and are responsible for dispatching the WPS Marine Unit, Emergency Services Unit (ESU), the Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU), and Windsor Police Auxiliary.  As a border city, our population soars on weekends and during Special Events, such as the International Fireworks, and Red-Bull Races.
The E911 Centre is involved in the “Inter-Operability” Group.  This group allows for mutual communication between agencies all across North America in the event of a national Emergency.  The E-911 Centre liaises with the Coast Guard, Port Authority and both U.S. and Canada Customs.  Communicators take part in all mock disasters and training exercises, including those at the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit Tunnel.
The E-911 Centre is comprised of four platoons, consisting of seven communicators and one supervisor. Communicators are responsible for both call-taking and dispatching.  The training provided for the communicators is thorough and exemplary. 
The E-911 Centre is an integral part of the “Emergency Services Working Group”, currently focused future endeavors such as “Next-Gen911”, and “Text to 911”.  Members of the 911 Centre are often involved in special projects and new initiatives which impact directly on the City of Windsor, the Town of Amherstburg and its citizens. For instance, in 2011 the Windsor Police Service introduced “CopLogic”, a means of making less serious reports “online”. This service allows citizens to report minor crimes at their convenience, and in several different languages.  This recent program received over 1300 reports.
To report a crime please visit our Reporting page for options.
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Alarms Co-Ordinator

The Alarm Coordinator’s primary role is to administer the provisions of the False Alarm Reduction Bylaw by managing a successful and comprehensive program that reduces the number of false alarms to which police officers must respond to each year.  Everyone benefits from false alarm reduction as it provides our patrol officers the ability  to engage in proactive crime prevention initiatives, community policing efforts and even more importantly, being available to respond to real emergencies.  

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